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Shameless request

I've disappeared from livejournal for a while and now I return cap in hand, shamlessly begging.

I'm in the process of publishing my third book (my first was a traditionally published sci-fi novel called Child of the Hive, the second was a technical manual written through work). Omega Rising is a science fiction novella set in modern day York. It follows eighteen-year-old Jenny as she takes a job working for a new tech firm and ends up caught in a conflict involving alien technology.

Because I'm paying up front for things like editing, proof-reading, cover design, formatting, printing, etc. I've created a kickstarter for the project. I really could do with more support. Please take a look at the project and give a couple of quid if you can. If you can't, please help me spread the word about the project to people you think would be interested. Anything you can do to support will be massively appreciated.

Here are the funding stats from www.kicktraq.com

Codename Omega: Omega Rising -- Kicktraq Mini
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