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Writers of SF, Fantasy and Horror

write, meet, discuss, read, write

SFandF_Writers & Readers
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Please review the information below before joining the community:

This is community for writers (and readers) of the Future or Fantastical Past or simply the Alternative Now. The primary intention of this community is for people who write Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror to come together to share resources, discuss the marketplace, talk about their work. Posts about these genres, and any related sub-genres are welcome and encouraged.
I had originally thought to make this community just for genre writers, but there are just too many articulate readers who like to discuss SF/F/H etc. Sometimes it gets a little "passionate" around here, so be prepared. Occasionally updates maybe made to the "community rules", so please check them periodically.

Welcome everyone who reads and writes anything to do with the following:
hard Science Fiction, soft SF, tradional SF, CyberPunk, Space Opera, Military Science Fiction, Fantasy, dark fantasy and supernatural fiction, Horror, and la fantastique, SF/F Fanfiction, and probably 100 more variations of the theme.

Here are some ideas:
*Where do you see SF/F/H heading over the next few years?
*Have an opinion on a book/style?
*Do you have some ideas about World Building?
*Just getting published and want to let the world know?
*Not sure if your technology makes sense?
*Need a few ideas to brainstorm a subject?
*do you want to write a review about a book within these genres that you think people should read or avoid?
*Is there some local event, bookstore, convention that you think people should go to?
wish you could meet other writers?

this is the place!

Please make an introductory post if you are so inclined. Perhaps mention what you write (or hope to write), your publishing history or projects, what you genre you like to read etc.

Please use the LJ Cut tag if you are posting short (max 2000 words total) examples of your work. Do not post entire chapters of Works in Progress - put a link to them instead. Remember, this community is not a place to post your work! :)

Do let us know if you have got a Short Story, novel etc that you get published and the name.

The "Rules" of the community, are rather simple:

1. No adverting work for sale

2. Use the LJ cut tag for long posts or images.

3. No foul language

4. Flaming will be addressed by Zero_Gravity. So far, we haven't any issues.

5. If a problem develops within the community, a select group of people (some of the founding members) will be consulted and the issues will be addressed. any decisions of said group are final.

6. Members should check their posts for basic spelling and grammar. You maybe asked to edit your posts for content or format.
(We understand that English may not be your first language, and that everyone makes typos. No one expects perfection, and we are all learning to improve our writing. Please take some time and put some effort into your posts to try and ensure that the basics of the written English language are followed. No posts in alternate languages, real or imagined or created. Posts about such languages are fine - for example if you are looking for imput regarding a created language.) Please make changes when asked or your post may be removed.

If you have any comments regarding any of this, please drop me a line.

I am usually quite approachable if you have suggestions. If you would like to speak to someone else, another maintainer of the LJ is cinnabari, one of the founding members here along with gi_jules. There are others as well.

I have been running the following communities for the last few years,

Let me know if there are any problems or concerns by dropping a note in any of my LJ posts:
ai, aliens, alternative history, analog, anne mccaffrey, anthologies, anthony burgess, articles, artificial intelligence, asimov, authors, book reviews, books, bruce sterling, c. j. cherryh, chaos theory, chapters, classics, clive barker, comics, computers, connie willis, cons, conventions, critiques, cryptography, cyberpunk, cyberspace, cyborgs, dark fantasy, douglas adams, editing, elves, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy writing, fanzines, fiction, frank herbert, future, future histories, futuretech, genetic engineering, genres, george r.r. martin, getting published, guest speakers, high fantasy, horror, horror conventions, horror fiction, horror writers, horror writing, hugo awards, imagination, industrial, information theory, internet, isaac asimov, j.r.r. tolkien, jules verne, language, life on other planets, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, macabre, magazines, manuscripts, matrix, meatspace, military science fiction, mirrorshades, motivation, mythology, nanotechnology, nanowrimo, neal stephenson, nebula awards, novel writers, novel writing, novellas, novels, original fiction, orson scott card, outlines, pat cadigan, people who can write, philip jose farmer, plot, post-cyberpunk, proofreading, publishing, ray bradbury, reading, reviews, robert a. heinlein, robots, sci-fi, science, science fantasy, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction writing, science-fiction, sentences, sf, sf conventions, sf writers, sfwa, sfwriters, simulations, software, space, space opera, spaceships, specfic, starships, steampunk, stephen king, stories, story telling, supernatural fiction, swords, technique, technobabble, technology, the net, time travel, ufos, urban fantasy, ursula k. le guin, vampire fiction, vocabulary, william gibson, words, workshop, worldbuilding, worldcon, writers, writers block, writing, writing novels, writing sci-fi, xenobiology